A data sharing solution for agriculture.

  • Carry out a precise follow-up of the operations in the field.
  • Improve yields by controlling your data.
  • Reduce the ecological impact of your production.

AgriBIoT is a research and development project, supported by Inria Startup Studio,
and aims to become a commercial solution by the end of 2022.


Convinced that product quality is based on the preservation of producers' know-how, we offer you a flexible solution that interfaces directly with the tools already in place.

Through a local storage of data, collected directly on your operating sites, our tool adapts to the production process and not the other way around. This is made possible by the use of standards, open interfaces and Free Software.

Based on the integration of the latest advances in terms of connected objects (IoT) and Radio Identification (RFID), AgriBIoT technology provides immediate benefits at a controlled deployment cost.

Aware that production data represents a part of the added value, AgriBIoT gives farmers full control over their data. The farmer has full control over data sharing: what he will make available to other players (colleagues, cooperatives, online declarations, subcontractors...) and under what conditions.

In the longer term, the technology developed by AgriBIoT will enable you to guarantee the quality and origin of your products to consumers.

Determining factors at the origin of this project

Population growth

Need to increase production

Need to reduce the ecological impact

To know the origin of agricultural products

Components of the AgriBIoT solution

Our solution integrates the advantages of three technological elements

Local storage

Our local storage solution is entirely based on Free Software to guarantee the farmer's control over his data. Our low-power server integrates easily into your local network by providing you with the collected data.

Sensor network

AgriBIoT aggregates data from a wide variety of networked sensors on the farm. These can be integrated with the solution or sourced from third party suppliers using standard communication protocols.

RFID technology

Radio-identification is the key element of our solution, allowing the farmer to annotate data in order to optimize processes and, ultimately, ensure production monitoring and traceability.

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Use Cases - Early adopters

The AgriBIoT solution can be adapted to different production types.

Wine production

We are currently working on a winery in the Bordeaux region, and another one in the Muscadet vineyard.

Fruit sector

We are currently looking for a partner to experiment on this type of exploitation.

Market gardening

We are currently looking for a partner to experiment on this type of exploitation.


We are currently looking for a partner to experiment on this type of exploitation.

Seafood products

We are currently looking for a partner to experiment on this type of exploitation.


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Oscar Roberto BASTOS

Project Leader & CTO
Ing. R&D, INRIA Rennes
(former Ing. IMT-Atlantique)

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Infrastructure & development
Ing. R&D, INRIA Rennes

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Jean-Marie BONNIN

Scientific advisor
Professor IMT Atlantique
INRIA EASE Team Leader

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Scientific advisor
INRIA Rennes

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